Friday, September 15, 2006

Our Mission

Any problems relating to your cancer ?

We created this blog specifically to help you with your cancer problems. Our aim is to empower you by providing information so that you can make a choice based on facts so that you can be at peace with yourself - both mind and soul. You can post any question about your cancer problems and we try to answer them. We have categorised the various topics for discussion as follows:

Please Help Me
Understanding Cancer
Medical Treatments for Cancer
Surgery for Cancer
Chemotherapy for Cancer
Radiotherapy for Cancer
Drugs for Cancer
Non-medical Therapy for Cancer
Diet & Nutrition
Mind, Religion & Spirituality
Health Issues

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We shall post your comments or answer your questions the best we know how. To read comments please click the appropriate button under the various headings of "Topics for Discussion."

Take care and stay happy and healthy.

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Cancer Research & Statistics
The Cancer Research Industry
Heart Damage
Liver Damage
Ovarian Damage: Chemotherapy-Induced
Side Effects of Chemotherapy / Radiotherapy
Lung Damage (Acute Pulmonary Toxicity)
Obesity-Cancer Link
Risks of Radiotherapy
What the Bible Says
War on Breast Cancer: A Lost Battle
Prostate Cancer - Hormone Therapy Linked to Heart Disease